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For Athletes

How we work to get you recruited

For Coaches

How we get you the best talent

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At Study Play USA we use a proven formula that revolves around you – the student athlete. We were College student-athletes ourselves, so we keep your interests at the heart of everything we do.

Our experience stretches across hundreds of athletes, numerous US Colleges, and an impressive network of the best Coaches and Sports Administrators that has taken years to build. All of which means that we have the expertise, experience and connections to get you seen by College Coaches waiting to sign top athletes to their roster.

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Coach, we’ve made the transition from playing on the field to helping others get on the field. We don’t put the Study Play USA ‘stamp of endorsement’ on any of our athletes light heartedly. In fact this only happens after a rigorous testing and approval process designed to identify only the best talent for your program.

Study Play USA Founder, Jo Dawkins is one of the most well connected, highly regarded young sporting professionals in New Zealand.

Whether at High School, Club, Academy or Federation levels SPUSA is quickly becoming one of the most reputable and trusted recruiting resources for coaches across the country. We provide transparent, unbiased and reliable scouting information on all our athletes so that you can make the best decisions for your team and program.

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