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1. Let’s meet!
The team at Study Play USA have been in exactly the same position as you – how do you confront the scary prospect of studying abroad? Have you heard about the exciting opportunity of studying and playing in the U.S. but don’t know where to begin?

These are questions we can answer and fears we can help ease right from the outset with a 100% free and no obligation consultation. Sit down with us and let’s have a chat. Our approach is to gather as much information as possible from you, from the beginning. We sit down with you and your parents (if you wish to have them with you) and talk about the entire process.

The initial consultation will take roughly an hour – we want to know everything about you! These can be done in person or online via Skype or phone call. Once we know your goals, we can start to craft the opportunities and open the doors for you.

2. We Evaluate.
After meeting with you, we gather a very clear picture of your goals, aspirations, and where you might like to be overseas.

From here, we’ll evaluate your abilities – both academic and sporting – and start to build a profile for you. This will be your Resume to potential coaches and Colleges in the US, so we make sure we get this right, together. Our team have worked with hundreds of High School graduates just like you, and can give you a professional and up front evaluation of where you sit.

We gather all your stats, physical information, achievements to date, and even video footage to give you the best possible shot of getting recruited into the USA.

3. We open the doors for you.
After a comprehensive evaluation process, we can begin opening the doors for you at hundreds of Colleges in the USA. Our team are ex scholarship recipients from some of the most successful Athletic and Academic institutions in the US, and know exactly the process and what it takes to get those coaches turning their heads towards you.

Your profile will be publicly viewable by our database of college coaches who can review your stats, achievements and video footage from right within our site. Coaches may reach out to you directly or contact you through Study Play USA. Get excited! At this point, you’re well on your way to realising the dream of studying and playing in the USA!